What is i3f World Fashion Festival?

A Global Fashion Exhibition where Designers and Brands from 32 different countries, present and sell their creations to a massive audience tuning in from all continents.

i3f World Fashion Festival 2022 targets Fashion Designers and Brand Owners with existing products already selling on the market, seeking to expand globally and increase their revenues via B2B Sales to Vendors and Direct Sales to Consumers all over the world.

When is it?

The Festival will be hosted on the sidelines of the 2022 Soccer World Cup and will last 42 days, from November 10 - December 22, 2022. 

Where is it?

The Fashion Festival will be 100% Virtual. All Fashion Shows, Networking Meetings and Sales will happen Online, on the social and streaming platform IF - Independent Fan.  

What is the IF - Independent Fan platform?

IF - Independent Fan is a social, streaming and e-commerce platform that hosts Virtual Side Events and Celebrity-Powered Conversations on the sidelines of Major Global Events across Sport, Music, Fashion, Social Impact, Films & Television. Fans Engage in Conversations around their Favorite Teams, Brands and Celebrities, Attend Virtual Events, Network with Likeminded Visitors and Shop LIVE. 

Who can present?

Fashion Designers and Brands Residing or Selling in one of the 32 countries qualified for the 2022 Soccer World Cup. 

What are the costs to present?

$799 - For payments received before July 31.
$1,499 - For payments received between August 1 - 31.
$2,799 - For payments received between September 1 - 30.
$3,899 - For payments received between October 1 - 31.

What is included in the Presenting Fees?

>> Brand Logo on Event Display
>> Present up to 25 Items
>> Present at 4 Fashion Shows
>> Designer/Brand Interview
>> Video Recap of All 4 Presentations
>> Access to Virtual Meetings
>> Designer Profile Featured on the IF platform
>> Designer/Brand Mentioned on all I3F Press Releases
>> Designer/Brand Featured in one I3F Press Release
>> Post, Story & DM Enabled on the IF Platform
>> Can Sell on the IF platform for 12 months **
** IF keeps 10% of each sale

Who can attend?

The Fashion Festival is open to everyone. Visitors from all countries are welcome to attend.

What are the costs to attend?

Attendance is FREE.

Which Fashion Categories can present?

Accessories / Jewelry - Bags - Bridal Fashion - Children's Fashion - Clothing & Apparel - Luxury Fashion - Shoes - Sportswear / Activewear - Street Fashion - Sustainable Fashion - Watches - Winter Fashion.

If your category is not listed here, please select and add it on "OTHER" on your Application form.

How many Items can each Designer Present?

Each Designer or Brand can present up to 25 items.

How many Shows will each Designer Showcase at?

Each Designer or Brand will present at 4 different Fashion Shows throughout the Festival. 

How will Designers present their Collections?

Designers will Record their own Catwalk Videos and submit to I3F before the event. They have total control on how they want their Brands to be presented and seen by the audience, they are in charge. They select the items they want to showcase and in which order they want the items to be presented. Designers and Brands can use their own models, stylists, make-up artists, photographers and videographers or hire vendors listed on the i3f.fashion website. All videos must follow the I3F Fashion Festival Video Submission Guidelines. 

How will Designers sell their Products?

The Festival will incorporate an Online E-commerce interface and assign a Dedicated Store to each Designer where they will list their products for sale. Each Catwalk will be linked to the Store of the presenting Designer. Attendees will be invited to buy or save as they watch the Show. The Show Replay will then be posted on the social section of the platform for attendees and visitors who missed the LIVE event. Visitors of the platform will be able to watch the Show Replay anytime and as much as they desire. The link to the Designer's Store will remain associated to the Show Replay to help generate more sales on an ongoing basis for 12 months.

Who will host the I3F Fashion Festival?

ATF FASHION HOUSE NYC - we are a New York based Fashion Accelerator supporting the Global Growth of Designers and Brands through our vast Network of Fashion Buyers and our Pool of Fashion Events. We Buy or Distribute Brands that impress us at Fashion Events. Every year, we travel the world to Discover Niche and Promising Fashion Designers with the potential to be the next GUCCI, NIKE or LOUIS VUITTON. ATF FASHION HOUSE NYC is also co-hosting TORINO FASHION WEEK 2022 with TMODA on July 6-14 at the Prestigious VILLA SASSI in Turin, Italy.

Who will attend I3F Fashion Festival 2022?

Fashion Vendors:
Buyers - Distributors - Wholesalers - Retailers

Soccer Fans around the world who love Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

Service Providers:
Manufacturers - Stylists - Models - Personal and Professional Shoppers - Make-up Artists - Photographers - Videographers - Fashion Influencers - Fashion Medias - Fashion PR & Advertising companies - Fashion Tech & E-commerce Companies - Fashion Event Companies

How many Fashion Shows will take place?

15-25 Shows weekly and 100 Fashion Shows total.

When will the Shows stream?

Pregame, Halftime and Postgame. 
Visitors will stream fashion shows before, at the halftime break and after soccer games.

How many designers will present?

400 Fashion Designers or Brands from 32 countries.

Why hosting this event around the Soccer World Cup?

The Soccer World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world. It brings together billions of highly energized fans to cheer up the best soccer talents in the world and make their respective countries proud.

We take this opportunity to show the world other talents those countries have to offer by showcasing the most attractive beauties and designs from each qualified nation. It is a Unique Opportunity to Spotlight Talented  Designers with Amazing Brands to the World at a Reasonable Cost that most Applicants can Afford.

Why hosting a Virtual instead of Physical Event?

Only 1.5 million people will be present at the Soccer World Cup, while over 2 billion fans will watch the Games and interact with Virtual Side Events across various Digital Platforms. A Virtual Fashion Show helps Designers Reach a Larger Audience and Earn Revenues on the Spot as Visitors can Purchase instantly as they Stream. And the show continues even after the Livestream as visitors watch the Replay and keep buying items. The Virtual format also allows more designers to join as it's more Affordable and does NOT require the usual add-on expenses of Air ticket, Hotel, Local transportation, Food & Beverages. Lastly, the Virtual format helps Brands go Global as they are easily exposed to the World Market and can sell into countries they would have never stepped foot in.

How will the Festival attract Visitors?

ATF FASHION HOUSE NYC and its advertising partners reach over 20 million people interested in Fashion across 50+ countries.

How will people know when a Show is happening?

All Fashion Shows will be scheduled and listed on the Agenda. All Visitors will receive Email, SMS, WhatsApp Notifications before, during and after Shows.

What will the Virtual experience be like for Visitors?

Like watching an Exciting and Captivating Show on TV. Visitors sign in and join the Show. The IF Platform provides Stellar Entertainment with Special Effects and a Hyped Ambiance. Fashion Shows will be animated by Musical Performances from some Beloved Artists from some of the qualified nations. Each Catwalk starts with a Video Intro of the Fashion Designer, followed by an Entertaining Catwalk of the Brand's items, one Product at a time. Visitors can Comment on the Chat window, Buy LIVE on the spot or Save to Buy Later. Visitors can Share Products with their contacts, Rate and Recommend Products. Each Product is linked to a Counter showing LIVE Sales (how many people bought it), Shares (how many people shared it), Rates (which ratings it received) and Recommendations (how many people recommended to buy it). 

When will Designers and Visitors Access the IF platform?

Designers will access the platform starting November 1 to setup their profile and start filling up their page and online store. Visitors will access the platform starting November 8. The Festival will open on November 10.

What will the Virtual Experience be like for Designers?

Fashion Designers and Brands are the Only ones who are Featured on the IF platform. Their Profiles and Catalogs are prominently shown to ALL Visitors as they explore the platform. Designers can publish Post and Stories for visitors to consume and react. All Posts and Stories are linked to their Online Stores for visitors to shop on the spot. Visitors can access Designers' Profiles and Catalogs.

During and After Shows, Designers can see in real time, how visitors react to their Brands and how their different products perform in engagement and sales. This is by far, a better performance-oriented event than most fashion shows where you showcase your Brand, meet people and spend months of follow-up to close a handful of deals, if you're lucky enough.

At i3f.fashion, their creations are watched by millions of people from all over the world and sell effortlessly, through the power of technology. There is NO intermediary between the Designer and the Consumers.

How does the Awards Ceremony work?

Brands will receive ratings and recommendations from the audience during and after fashion shows. The top 40 brands with the highest ratings will be awarded prizes at the ATF FASHION HOUSE AWARDS Ceremony on Dec 22.

Will i3f provide media exposure and publicity to Brands?

Yes. The festival will publish over 50 press releases from July - December 2022 that will be distributed across 100+ media outlets worldwide. Brands will be listed on press releases as they confirm their participation. Each Brand will be prominently featured in ONE press release. 

What happens after the Festival?

All Fashion Show Replays remain active on the platform for 1 year. Designers are welcome to continue selling through the platform as we will host side events around other major events like the American Football League NFL, the American Basketball League NBA, the European Soccer EURO and Champions League, the African Soccer Cup, the Latin American Soccer Tournament, and various premium entertainment events.

Does I3F provide Models, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Shoppers, Photographers, Videographers to Designers?

Fashion Designers can use their own Models, Stylists, Shoppers, Photographers and Videographers to Record their Catwalk Videos. Alternatively, we advise Models, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Shoppers, Photographers and Videographers to apply on the i3f.fashion website, and list their offerings and rates for designers in their respective areas to consider hiring them.

Does I3F support Designers in Video Creation?

YES. The i3f World Fashion Festival Video Submission Guidelines outline All the requirements for Format, Length, Image, Overlays, Banners, Order and Background Music and Voice.  Please see Here the I3F Fashion Festival Video Submission Guidelines.

When are Videos required to be submitted?

Upon receipt of your payment, I3F will email you a form to upload your materials and videos. Catwalks will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend to submit your videos as son as you are able to. The FINAL Deadline to Submit your Video is November 18, 2022.

Can Designers meet Fashion Vendors (Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers) at I3F?

I3F will display a Section for Fashion Vendors (Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers). Designers can scroll through the list and request meetings with any of them. Vendors can equally scroll the Designers list and request meetings with any of them. All meetings will take place on the IF platform. Meetings can be held under the Audio, Video or Chat format, at the discretion of the participants.  

Who Can Apply?

Any Fashion Designer with an Existing Brand currently Residing or Selling in one of the 32 countries qualified for the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

How long is the Approval process?

If you submitted a complete application by responding to all the questions in the application form, we will make a decision within 72 hours. It may take longer if we need additional info or materials. 

When is the Payment required?

If you are approved to present your brand at i3f World Fashion Festival 2022, you will receive an Approval Confirmation via email and an Invoice to complete your Payment. The Offer will be valid for 14 days from the date of your application, after which it will expire if the payment is not received. You will need to re-apply if you miss the 14-day window to make your payment.

Please note that, our presenting fees increase the closer we get to the event: 
$799 - For payments received before July 31.
$1,499 - For payments received between August 1 - 31.
$2,799 - For payments received between September 1 - 30.
$3,899 - For payments received between October 1 - 31.

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